Rabu, 27 September 2023

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Welcome aboard!

I am Bok In Beak, the CEO at KT&G. I would like to welcome you as a new member of KT&G.

KT&G is the number one tobacco company in Korea with more than 110 years of history, and it is ranked 5th among international tobacco manufacturers in the global market. Despite challenging business environments, KT&G have been achieving outstanding results. Our vision is to become the global top 4 by 2025. Within this fast growing company, I expect you to play proactive roles and develop yourself.

This onboarding program was developed to enhance your understanding about KT&G. Enjoy the program and I wish your success in KT&G.

Again, welcome!

Beak, Bok-In
President and CEO of KT&G<


KT&G Overview

Company Profile

KT&G has expanded its business domains to bio, health, and beauty sectors beyond tobacco manufacturing and distribution. We have also secured market competitiveness through continuous changes and innovation, evolving into a global player beyond Korea. Moreover, the company is proactive, not only in committing to social contribution activities as a corporate citizen, but also in fulfilling its environmental responsibility through eco-friendly product development as well as resource and energy savings.


Official title of the company is "KT&G Corporation". The company was founded on April 1, 1987 as the "Korea Monopoly Corporation" under the "Korea Monopoly Corporation Act". The company changed its name to "Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation" under the "Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation Act" on April 1, 1989. In 1997, the company became a government-funded organization under the "Act on the Improvement of Managerial Structure and Privatization of Public Enterprises". At the same time, the corporation became a company limited by shares, to be governed under Commercial Law. On December 27, 2002, the company changed its name from "Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation" to "KT&G Corporation".

• Founded as Sunhwaguk, a national tobacco manufactory, in 1883
• Established the Ginseng Division under the Imperial Treasury in 1899
• Reorganized as a Monopoly Bureau in 1952
• Founded the Korea Monopoly Corporation in 1987
• Changed the name to Korea Ginseng & Tobacco Institute in 1989
• Changed the name to KT&G Corporation in 2002 with the privatization

Business Portfolio

With the corporate philosophy of “upright company,” “a company that is awake,” and “a company that shares with customers, ”KT&G is committed to improving the quality of lives and making the world a better place to live. We are taking a leap forward to becoming a leading global company with competitive advantage by driving change, innovation, and sustainability management.

Our business portfolio has been diversified into next-generation tobacco, health functional foods, bio & pharmaceuticals, and real estate sectors beyond just strengthening the flagship tobacco business.